Private Companies

Bergen looks to partner with fast-growing companies that are typically too esoteric for conventional institutional venture capital and private equity.

When it comes to private portfolio companies, Bergen brings much more than just capital to the table. With extensive in-house knowledge, a valuable global network, experience in a range of industries and situations, and public markets credibility, Bergen helps its private portfolio companies leverage Bergen's capital in achieving their true potential.

Matthew  Lehman

Matthew Lehman

Koligo Therapeutics, Inc.’s 
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

May 2020

Bergen has previously funded a company that I was the Chief Executive Officer of. I have always enjoyed working with Bergen’s Chief Investment Officer Eugene Tablis and his team, so when we started Koligo, I had no hesitation in calling on them for capital again, and they responded enthusiastically, diligently and effectively, within a very efficient time-frame. Calling on Bergen was the right thing for us to do - using Bergen’s capital and expertise, Koligo has made substantial strides.

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