Bergen invests in companies and situations that have most or all of the following characteristics:
  • portfolio companies that operate in unique or “cutting edge” niches,
  • situations for which there is limited availability of capital, and
  • opportunities that result from market inefficiencies.
As a result, over the years, Bergen has invested in companies operating in the following industries:
  • natural resources (including base, precious, battery and special metals, bulk commodities and industrial minerals),
  • energy (including oil and gas and cleantech),
  • technology (including aerospace and defense, unmanned systems, consumer tech and e-commerce),
  • healthcare (including medical devices and a range of biotech companies, from oncology therapeutics to regenerative medicine), and
  • food & beverage.
Mariana Resources Ltd

In September 2014, Mariana entered into a US$6 million investment agreement with Bergen, using the proceeds of the Bergen funding to acquire Aegean Metals Group Inc. and its prospective portfolio of assets in Turkey and Chile.

This acquisition ultimately led to an increase from £6.57 million to £138 million in Mariana’s market capitalization, and an outright sale of Mariana to Sandstorm Gold Ltd for US$175 million, completed in July 2017.

*A complete list of past investments made by Bergen is available upon request.