Investment Philosophy

Bergen’s substantial point of difference is its willingness to think outside of the box and see opportunities where an investor with more conventional thinking may overlook an asset’s potential.

This creativity is coupled with Bergen’s management’s experience in idea generation, and efficiently and effectively assessing, executing and managing investments in its ideas globally.

Another key component of Bergen’s strategy is its philosophy of win-win – Bergen believes only those investments that deliver value to both Bergen and the existing shareholders in the prospective portfolio company will be successful in the long run.

Mariana Resources Ltd

In September 2014, Mariana entered into a US$6 million investment agreement with Bergen, using the proceeds of the Bergen funding to acquire Aegean Metals Group Inc. and its prospective portfolio of assets in Turkey and Chile.

This acquisition ultimately led to an increase from £6.57 million to £138 million in Mariana’s market capitalization, and an outright sale of Mariana to Sandstorm Gold Ltd for US$175 million, completed in July 2017.

*A complete list of past investments made by Bergen is available upon request.