CEOs Say...


Matthew Lehman

Koligo Therapeutics, Inc.’s 
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

May 2020

Bergen has previously funded a company that I was the Chief Executive Officer of – Prima BioMed. I have always enjoyed working with Bergen’s Chief Investment Officer Eugene Tablis and his team, so when we started Koligo, I had no hesitation in calling on them for capital again, and they responded enthusiastically, diligently and effectively, within a very efficient time-frame. Calling on Bergen was the right thing for us to do - using Bergen’s capital and expertise, Koligo has made substantial strides.

Richard Clemmey

Tertiary Minerals plc (AIM:TYM) 
Managing Director

November 2019

LSE Regulatory News Service announcement
The current market for natural resource companies remains very challenging and we are therefore pleased to have secured a flexible method of financing [Bergen deal] as opposed to a straight equity raise which, in the current market, often come at a large discount to the share price and would be highly dilutive.



James Gong

Keytone Dairy Corporation Ltd’s (ASX:KTD) 
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

July 2018

Our partnership with Bergen has enabled us to break out from being a steadily-growing New Zealand company to a fast-growing and truly global market participant in the international dairy processing industry. It has done wonders for our speed of development, capital resources, and international profile.

Whitney Million

UUV Aquabotix Ltd’s (ASX:UUV) and Aquabotix Technology Corporation’s
Chief Executive Officer

June 2018

Bergen has proven to be a valuable partner in helping Aquabotix achieve its goals. Bergen is more than just an investor who provides capital – rather, it has opened up its network to our organization, making their contacts and expertise available to us, around the world.

Glen Parsons

Mariana Resources Ltd’s (AIM:MARL) 
Chief Executive Officer

March 2015

LSE Regulatory News Service announcement
I would like to thank Bergen for providing this flexible facility at a critical time in Mariana's portfolio expansion. The funding secured was at more favourable terms than what was available in the market at that time. Bergen has understood our business and what growth we were trying to achieve and has been exemplary in complying with its obligations under the agreement but has also been very flexible and accommodating beyond what was required under the agreement.



David Archer

Savannah Resources Plc’s (AIM:SAV) 
Chief Executive Officer

June 2014

LSE Regulatory News Service announcement
The facility has been carefully crafted with Bergen to provide flexibility in various market scenarios. The current pause is an example of the optionality afforded by the facility when market conditions change.

Stephen Carter

Suda Ltd’s (ASX:SUD) 
Executive Chairman and CEO

December 2013

ASX Announcement
We are extremely grateful to Bergen, who has been an excellent corporate citizen and supportive shareholder over this period... We are now financially well positioned to deliver on our goals.


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