Strategic Partner

A stable source of capital for companies
  • Funding at a reasonable cost.
  • Bergen has a stable pool of capital to deploy in investments with longer-term investment horizons.
  • In making its investment decisions, Bergen prides itself on having the foresight and the patience not to be swayed by short-term fluctuations in the investment environment.
  • The Bergen group of companies is comprised of a stable and effective nine-person investment and operations team in the United States, the UK and Australia, with backgrounds in law, investment management and investment operations.
Versatile and creative funding
  • Bergen provides financing for working capital needs, growth, acquisitions and a variety of special situations, all as a principal investor.
  • We work closely with management teams to make investments that seek to align the interests of all stakeholders.
  • Bergen’s investments are tailored to each unique situation, including equity and convertible securities.
  • Our check sizes range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to high double-digit millions of dollars, per investment.
Ethernity Networks Limited

A Bergen special purpose investment vehicle committed to invest and ultimately invested £3.2 million in Ethernity Networks Ltd ("Ethernity"), an AIM-listed technology company focusing on innovative 5G hardware architecture in September 2020.*

Ethernity’s market capitalization increased from under £7 million to approximately £30 million within a year of Bergen's investment, enabling Ethernity to raise an additional £4.2 million in capital at substantially higher share prices than those prevailing at the time of Bergen's investment.

*A complete list of past investments made by Bergen is available upon request.